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studying in the UK.

Our mission is to educate, inspire and support Chinese international students on their career journey in the UK.

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Learn about British work culture and find the best path for your cross-cultural career journey! 

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Develop your start-up business plan with our T1 team!

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We're pretty proud of the work we do at Miiito, but don't just take our word for it!


There is a lot of useful content in each lesson. In one lesson I was asked to describe myself  in 5 words. I'd never thought about it before, it made me think seriously about what kind of person I am and what advantages I have over other candidates.  There are also practical classes where you develop interviewing skills. The teachers made me feel more calm about interviews and provided very detailed information and arranged a mock interview to make me fully prepared."


The instructor is always there to help me! I'm very happy when I can talk about my job search experience. It makes me more confident about myself. The lessons helped me understand what I wanted to do and made me more confident to face reality! I was most impressed with the CV and cover letter service, the instructor provided detailed suggestions and helped with my grammar. It was really a great encouragement to me to really get an almost perfect cover letter and get an interview!


“Miiito creates an easy learning environment, with small classes and questions can be asked at any time. After classes the instructor provides resources and exercises. It taught me that if you don't try then you will never know how much you have mastered. Whenever I had a question, the Miiito team  responded promptly and were very attentive! Through their feedback I was able to improve my interview skills."

Career readiness is where Miiito has the greatest expertise. We use this knowledge to prepare and aid our students as they start their journey with our career services. But we don't stop there! Miiito is in the hub of innovation on the Jubilee campus. Our innovation service helps student entrepreneurs develop a start-up business idea and pitch it to a panel. 

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What's in a name?




We've seen and heard them all, so we've decided to shine some light on how you pronounce and spell Miiito!



Miiito is said like "Me too!". Here's an example:

"I just signed up for career services at Miiito!

"Wow, me too!"

Now don't we all feel more included!


Miiito has not 1, not 2, but 3 'i's! 

Why are there three you might ask?

Well, the number three holds special meaning in Chinese culture. The three 'i's in Miiito were particularly inspired by the quote:

Walking with three people,

I find my teacher among them.


We like to think it means you can learn from anyone if you are willing to start the journey.

Why not start that journey with Miiito!