Exciting Content Shared in Professional Communication Seminar

On the afternoon of March 10th, Miiito held a workplace-readiness seminar in the University of Nottingham’s Ingenuity Centre focused on the topic of “Effective Professional Communication in English”.

The lecture, aimed at Chinese students wishing to advance their professional experience in the UK, was lead by Mo Kalby who discussed techniques of effective workplace communication. From listening skills to body language to cross-cultural communication, the interactive seminar challenged attendees to rethink the traditional ways students approach communication. The event even included a mock interview to help apply these techniques to a real-life setting.

Whether it is undergraduate or graduate students, finding an internship or job in the UK is not an easy task. Regardless of how excellent the online application is or how attractive the CV, international students are often confronted with the situation of  “being blindsided” when faced with a job interview in English for the first time, and this is especially true for Chinese students. There is often a serious nervousness, lack of understanding of the process and  questions, and sometimes even serious miscommunication. Running into any of those can be the difference in landing the job.

We hope that this event and the following series of career courses will enable students entering the workplace to use their second language to communicate, interview, and lay foundations for a successful international career.

On your journey through the UK job-search, Miiito is with you hand-in-hand.

Thank you for your support – We wish you all success in your future careers!