Miiito Meets with Chinese Ambassador Xiaoming Liu

Earlier today, Ambassador Liu Xiaoming visited the University of Nottingham Ingenuity Lab and learned how it provides support to entrepreneurial students and alumni. He expressed his appreciation for the entrepreneurial spirit of Chinese students in the UK including the efforts of Miiito founder, Lili Zhu. The event’s sponsor, Jason Feehily (head of Knowledge Exchange-Asia) also gave a special introduction to Miiito’s multinational story as an outstanding example of Chinese entrepreneurship.

Persevering through adversity to transition from a Chinese student studying in the UK to an entrepreneur in China and the West, Lili Zhu’s story inspires and encourages international students studying in new foreign environments. From the beginning of her difficulties with verbal communication and culture shock experienced in Britain to the huge discrepancies between English and Chinese workplace expectations, Lili gained a deep understanding of the hardships and difficulties associated with being an international student wanting seeking success in the English-speaking world. As a result, Lili now dedicated her efforts to help Chinese students on the same track and to provide them with increased competitiveness through their own entrepreneurial, workplace, and life experiences. This is also the core mission of Miiito Education.

Miiito is an intercultural vocational training organisation which indends to help you through the process of becoming internationally skilled in the workforce and a sought-after commodity to employers worldwide. Through our one-stop services such as our verbal communication, culture, and professional training courses, students can quickly improve cross-cultural interactions and professional competence.