Our Mission

Our mission at Miiito is to empower Chinese talent in the global job market, and we are serious about making a visible impression. We envision a world with cultural diversity in every professional environment where each individual has a mastery of both technical and soft skills to succeed in ever-changing (and increasingly demanding) industries. We recognise that this vision requires a continuous delivery of education to new generations of professionals as well as supplying “update” trainings to even the most experienced personnel, and career readiness is where Miiito has the greatest expertise.

We at Miiito would like to see industry and employer demographics matching those of the population; with estimates of at least 600,000 Chinese residents and citizens living within the UK, our belief is that there must be a reason why Chinese talent is underrepresented in most work environments. Our role is to provide Chinese students and graduates with the tools they need in order to remain competitive in the workforce, meet the rigorous expectations of British organisations, and fill roles in a wide variety of firms. We are confident that our students are qualified and will deliver outstanding performance to their future employers. In time, they will be the representation needed for Chinese talent in the UK.

Our Story

Miiito founder Lili Zhu’s vision is closely tied to experience. Originally from China, Lili studied at the university level in the UK and came to find that Chinese students seemed to consistently face the same problems – problems which often undermined the original purpose of receiving a UK-based education. Most Chinese students studying abroad were seeking international careers, to improve their language skills, and to experience the culture of their new environment. Instead, a vast number of them felt lost, shy, and unaccepted. They were part of a closed-circle consisting only of other Chinese students, and this became increasingly difficult for postgraduate students who only have a single year to study in the UK.

Lili decided to personally support these Chinese students she would come into contact with and began to test ways to solve these problems. She designed new methods of English learning as well as improved the overall life of students abroad by handing them the tools to become a part of the community. She began a personal mentoring program which grew larger and larger as students became professionals and significant differences became clear between those students who were able to assimilate into the local population and those who did not. Seeing the value of her contributions to a Chinese international community, Miiito has grown out of this experience and vision.

Meet the Team