Miiito Wins Two Ingenuity18 Entrepreneurship Competition Awards

The Ingenuity18 entrepreneurial competition has come and gone for another year, and the results are in! At an awards dinner held on April 24th, Miiito founder Lili Zhu was honored with both the Paragon Law Prize and Enterprise Award for the excellence of Miiito’s work and the promise of growth as an organisation under her leadership. She was also the only Asian woman to reach the final competition round.

The Ingenuity Competition has been held since 2014 and provided grant prize & commercial support opportunities to thousands of aspirating entrepreneurs committed to changing the world with their business ideas. Today, the competition has grown to become the largest student entrepreneurship competition in the UK – attracting attention from around the world. It has become an excellent opportunity and goal for graduates from Nottingham University.

Lili has participated in three consecutive Ingenuity Competitions, and with her excellent communication styles and unique business perspectives, she has been awarded prizes and recognition every year. This year, she was the only Asian woman to reach the finalist round of the “Top 6”.

Lili has often shared her story of transition from a student to entrepreneur at the University of Nottingham’s China Conference, and overcoming a challenging early work experience allowed her to fully understand the struggles of international students. Most international students hope to gain an opportunity to work in the UK and must exert themselves significantly in order to be competitive in the job market. She hopes to serve as a mentoring sister to those hoping to break-through alongside her career as a Chinese businesswoman. Her vision is to provide career assistance to Chinese students studying abroad, and Miiito was created out of that vision.

Miiito aims to provide cross-cultural career training, counseling, and support for Chinese students including spoken language services and job-search guidance. By improving language and communication skills, bridging the gap in cultural awareness, and clarifying workplace etiquette and expectations, Miiito is able to develop Chinese students into international professionals. As the only training institution in the UK with a satisfaction rating of 98.5%, the entire Miito staff is committed to seeing these students succeed in their long-term goals.

Helping Chinese students to advance in the international workplace is not only Lili’s personal dream, but the dream of Miiito as an organisation. In the near future, we will be expanding our course and training selection in professional communication to help students break through common job-hunting hurdles before graduation season.

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