Miiito Director Lili Zhu Attends Royal Garden Party

Lili Zhu, the founder and CEO of Miiito, was invited by the Queen of England to participate in the Spring Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace for her outstanding contributions to the British-Chinese community.

The Royal Garden Party began in the 1860s and has a history of more than 100 years. From the British Victorian era to the present Elizabeth II’s reign, the royal family’s garden party held at Buckingham Palace each year is meant to showcase the Queen and the Royal Family’s appreciation of people from all walks of life for their outstanding contributions to society. As a social event hosted by the royal family, guests must abide by a specific dress code: female guests are required to wear day dresses and a hat or fascinator; men can wear lounge suits or morning dress.

Miiito was invited because we are committed to providing one-stop cross-cultural services for Chinese students in the UK. From language to culture to career, Miiito is committed to bringing a full range of services meant to empower Chinese talent and help Chinese students to overcome challenges in the international workplace. As a result, Lili Zhu, the founder of Miiito, was nominated by the UK Government’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy alongside other contributors to the community to meet with the Queen and the royal family at Buckingham Palace for this auspicious event.