What is Miiito?

Miiito is a premier career service provider specially designed to improve the quality of interaction between Chinese talent and the Western professional world. Our services focus on bridging the gaps in expectations and soft skills which are often unintuitive in such diverse intercultural settings. We deliver bespoke information and training to our Chinese talent built to increase employability and set the keystones of healthy long-term careers. The skills and habits formed in our programmes imbue individuals with qualities that are much sought-after in the international job market. We also provide services to employers on a per-request basis.

Our Services


Our services are geared toward educating Chinese students and professionals to meet the rigorous expectations of the international job market. We have done this by segmenting our courses into two broad categories: Language Instruction and Career Readiness. With a range of options available to every prospective Miiito student, we emphasise reflexive critical thinking, cultural awareness, and improved communication in each of our programmes. In other words, we have made soft skills the heart of our work.


Miiito has an intimate understanding of the Western world’s working culture, its challenges, and its needs (most specifically in the UK). We recognise that the increasingly diverse workforce as well as the desire to expand into new markets are points of great concern for many business owners. Miiito is able to draw upon our experiential knowledge and leverage our own talent pool in order to provide solutions for your unique organisation. Our business services are carefully customised to meet each business need.